About Us


Real Price Solutions was formed in 2011 under parent company Pinnacle Information Corporation, a California based corporation dedicated to the electrical construction supplies industry since 1992.

Pinnacle initiated an innovative strategy of establishing companies designed to market specific profitability enhancement data products and other business services to the electrical distributor market. Material Express, established in 1999, delivered manufacturer price and product update information in ERP system-compatible formats and standalone software engines, plus digitized manufacturer catalog pages. Invoice Connection, established in 2004, delivered technologically advanced invoice distribution services. The unique breakthrough sell-side pricing intelligence web service product, RealPricer, released in 2011, was initially co-marketed by Material Express and Invoice Connection.

In early 2012, a decision was made by Pinnacle executive management to streamline its distributor products go-to-market strategy and re-focus on data-driven distributor solutions exclusively. As a result, Invoice Connection was sold off, and the assets and operations of Material Express, plus RealPricer, were rolled up into a new company, Real Price Solutions (www.realpricesolutions.com).

Real Price Solutions current product suite includes APeX and EPIC, which deliver manufacturer published price and product data, RealPricer which delivers marketplace average sell pricing data, and CatLynx, which enhances textl data usage with digitzed manufacturer catalog pages available in a web library.

This product suite means that Real Price Solutions is effectively the electrical distribution segment's one true "one-stop shop" of price and product information covering the spectrum distributor item purchasing through item sales. Our initiative in developing this comprehensive solution is testimony to our dedication to driving increased customer profitability through our product innovations.

The executive team of Real Price Solutions has over 70 years of combined experience in the creation and production of profitability-driving information solutions for the distribution segment of the construction products supply chain. Our charter calls for the delivering of high quality, yet affordably priced information products to the electrical distributor community.